ABC & NCTL Soccer - Age Division Eligibility by Date of Birth for BOYS Teams

Look up the month and year of birth to determine the age division in which a player would be assigned to a BOYS soccer team based on date of birth.

Players from a younger age division may play on a team in an older age division if they wish, but an older age division player may NOT play on a younger age division team.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec  
2007 --- too old --- Boys 14 and Under 2007
2008 Boys 14 and Under Boys 13 and Under 2008
2009 Boys 13 and Under Boys 12 and Under 2009
2010 Boys 12 and Under Boys 11 and Under 2010
2011 Boys 11 and Under Boys 10 and Under 2011
2012 Boys 10 and Under Boys 9 and Under 2012
2013 Boys 9 and Under Boys Pee Wee 2 2013
2014 Boys Pee Wee 2 2014
2015 Boys Pee Wee 2 2015
2016 Boys Pee Wee 2 Boys Pee Wee 1 2016
2017 Boys Pee Wee 1 2017
2018 Boys Pee Wee 1 --- Too Young --- 2018
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec  

Boys with a date of birth BEFORE May 1, 2007 are TOO OLD to play in ABC's boys soccer program.

Players with a date of birth AFTER September 11, 2018 are TOO YOUNG to play in ABC's Soccer Training League program.

In age divisions older than training league, ABC reserves the right to combine two adjoining age divisions into one where needed to provide a sufficient number of teams in a given age range.