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Official 2023 ABC Basketball Game Schedule

The schedule will be maintained with updated information as games are completed and if inclement weather postponements occur.  If you have any questions or comments about the schedule page, please send a message through the Contact ABC page.


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Age Group:  Select a sport and an age division to narrow the events listing.  It is not required, often searching by team name or manager is sufficient.

Team Name or Manager:  The team name and manager (that we have on record) are shown on the schedule and are searchable.  Entering all or part of a team name or a manager's name will display all matching events.

Date Selection:  You may choose either a "from" date or a "to" date, or both.  For example - choosing a "from" date without including a "to" date will show events beginning at or after the "from" date through the end of the season.

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NOTE:  If your team name or manager/coach name is shown incorrectly, please inform us by sending a message through the Contact ABC page.


  • ABC -- ABC Ball Park (St. Ann)
    • on Livingston Ave. - just north of St. Charles Rock Rd & St. Gregory