For ALL baseball, softball and soccer games played at ABC (this INCLUDES Training League Tee, PAL & GAL Ball games for baseball / softball and 6-U / 8-U games in soccer), here is the process by which rained out games are rescheduled:

If you have a game rained out on a Monday through Friday, a rescheduling meeting will be held at 7:00 pm at ABC on the same night as your game (i.e. rain out on Thursday, reschedule on Thursday).

Games rained out on a Saturday or Sunday will be rescheduled the following Monday at 7:00 pm at ABC.

NOTE:  If you are an NCTL team (but not an ABC team) with a rained out game that was to be played at ABC, you will attend this reschedule meeting at ABC.    

EACH AFFECTED TEAM MUST SEND a representative to this meeting to have its game rescheduled. Typically a manager or coach attends, but it can be ANYONE representing your team.  

If both teams for a game are represented, the re-scheduler provides available reschedule dates/times, the teams agree on a date/time and BOOM!  Done... Each team knows the reschedule date right away  .... no waiting for phone calls, no phone tag, or wondering if an email was sent or received.

If only one team is represented, the team that is present will choose the date/time for the rescheduled game.  The absent team's manager of record will be contacted by phone and told of the chosen date/time (so check your voice mail, folks!!) -- and any requests by the absent team to change the chosen date/time will NOT be entertained (that's why it's best to send someone from your team to rescheduling!).  We won't schedule an absent team on a date which we know they already have an NCTL/ABC league game scheduled, but otherwise any other date is fair game!

The rescheduling meetings for games that were to be played at ABC are held in the Rudy Room at ABC Ball Park (door is underneath the concession pavilion).



Regarding basketball games cancelled due to inclement weather, team managers will be contacted by phone to set up reschedule dates.  If the roads are too bad to play games, we're certainly not going to come in to reschedule the games that night (like we do with the other sports!) and don't want you to either!

NOTE:  In the past, we've had some people assume that because schools were cancelled for a given day, that basketball games at ABC would be cancelled as well.  THAT IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY TRUE!  Conditions which caused a school to cancel have likely improved by the time your game is to be played. Always call 314-423-5049 or check our website for official information.