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Jobs at ABC Ball Park

Much of the work that goes into organizing and running the youth sports programs and improvements and maintenance of the park grounds of ABC Ball Park is performed by volunteers.
However, two main functions that are paid positions are:
Concession Staff --- 

For our sport seasons beginning in mid-April 2018, ABC will be hiring individuals (age 15 and over) for concession staff positions.  Primary job duties are to prepare and serve the high quality concession food and drinks that ABC is known for! 
Concession staffing is needed any time the park is open for our league play or special events -- weekday evenings (usually beginning at 5:30 pm) and weekend days and evenings.

ATTENTION FIRST TIME JOB SEEKERS -- The job application does have a section for "Previous Work Experience" and it's great if you do have a prior employment history.  But don't worry if you have not had a job before -- just bring a good work ethic and a willingness to learn and you'll do quite well! 

A two page PDF document is available to view, it contains a job application form and a list of frequently asked questions.  If you need additional information, send your question on the Contact ABC page. 

  -- View / Print a Concession Job Application and FAQ sheet 
         (a PDF reader app is required to view and print this document) 
Game Officials (Umpire-Referee) ---
In addition, ABC needs many women and men in blue or black or black & white (shirt colors depend on which sport!)  to officiate all the games that are played at ABC.
Training is provided prior to the start of each sport's season for new and returning game officials.  Check the umpire / referee pages for each sport for more information on how to become a game official for the youth sports at ABC Ball Park.

  -- Baseball and Softball Umpires
  -- Soccer Referees
  -- Basketball Referees