Board of Directors / Volunteers

The following volunteers serve as elected members of the ABC Board of Directors:

Mike Tegeler
Vice President:
Don Coffey
Terri Reppy
Jim Thomure
Board Members:
Todd Burton
Diane Coffey
Jim Crites
Rick Davis
Gary Hartmann
Brett Windsor  
-- Sport Operation Volunteers --
Baseball --   
     Commissioner: Homer Case
        Assistants:    Ricky Davis
       Todd Burton
Softball --
     Commissioner: Sue Tegeler
        Assistant:    Terri Reppy
        Competitive Softball:    Homer Case
BB / SB Training League:  
     Commissioner:   Duane Sedillo
BB / SB Umpire in Chief: Cindy Hill
        Assistant:    Helen Minner
Soccer --
     Commissioner: Gina Gerhardt
        Assistant / Head Referee:    Gary Gerhardt
Basketball --
     Commissioner: Johnny Smotherman
        Head Referee:      Helen Minner
-- Park Support Volunteers --
   Concession Stand: Sue Tegeler
   Past President / Insurance: Mel Pinkley
   Public Relations:   Brett Windsor
   Scheduler: Jim Thomure
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