Good sportsmanship is expected from all event participants (players, coaches, officials, and spectators) AT ALL TIMES by demonstrating positive behavior and respect for EVERYONE involved. 

SHORT VERSION – Have fun and behave yourself!

AS AN ADULT (Parent or Coach):
  • I will focus on my child’s efforts, skill development, and self-esteem – not on wins and losses.  This sports program is for children, not adults.
  • I will NOT coach my child or other players during games or practices unless I am one of the team’s official coaches.
  • I will respect game officials’ decisions and teach my children to do the same.
  • I will display self-control – I won’t embarrass myself or my children and team.
  • I will never ridicule or yell at a child (my own or any other child) for making a mistake or for losing a competition.
  • I will support efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.
  • I will learn and play by the rules of the game and follow the policies of my league/organization.

All persons present at ABC sporting events shall follow this Code of Conduct and the principles of good sportsmanship.  Refusal to follow this code can and will result in warnings and/or disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by league and organization officials.


Youth sports programs play an essential role in promoting the emotional, physical, and social development of our children.

Our kids will reap significant benefits as long as we, as adults, maintain the proper focus on FUN, LEARNING, and GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP!

Children participate in sports to have FUN!  Then when we add the elements of LEARNING and skills development, the growth steps continue.

Finally, it is essential for parents, coaches, and our young players to embrace the values of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.  Adults involved (parents and coaches) should model these values and lead by example.

LET’S ALL HAVE FUN and make this a great experience for all our young players!