Basketball - Age Chart for 2021 Season

Age Division Eligibility by Year of Birth

Look up the year of birth to determine the age division in which a basketball player would be assigned based on birth date.
Players from a younger age division may play on a team in an older age division if they wish, but an older age division player may NOT play on a younger age division team.
Year of Birth
Eligible Age Division
14 and Under
13 and Under
12 and Under
11 and Under
10 and Under
9 and Under
8 and Under
Pee Wee 2 (Training League)
Pee Wee 2 (Training League)
Pee Wee 1 (Training League)
2016 Pee Wee 1 (Training League)
Players with a date of birth BEFORE January 1, 2006 are TOO OLD to play in ABC's Basketball program.

Players with a date of birth AFTER December 31, 2016 are TOO YOUNG to play in ABC's Basketball Training League program.

In the 8 through 14 age groups, ABC reserves the right to combine adjoining age divisions into one division where needed to provide a sufficient number of teams in a given age range.

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