What's Happening at ABC

Monday, October 16, 2017
All of tonight's games will be played as scheduled. 
REMINDER -- Rescheduling of the rained out games from Sunday, October 15 will be done tonight (October 16) at 7:00 pm in the Rudy Room at ABC.  All teams -- including training league -- MUST send a representative (doesn't have to be the manager or head coach if they are not available, but needs to be someone on behalf of the team) to have it's game rescheduled.  
HOW RESCHEDULING WORKS -- When reps from both teams in the game pairing are present, they select and agree on a date/time from the available open time slots remaining in the season -- so you know immediately when your reschedule date is.  
If one team shows up and the other does not, the team that is present picks the date/time and no changes will be allowed.  
Reschedule dates will be posted on the website schedule by Tuesday morning.     
The official schedule for the 2017 soccer season is available online ...... View Schedule.

We'll see you at the ball park!

In-person sign-up sessions for ABC's youth recreational basketball program (2018 season - games begin in January) have already been held, however...
ABC will continue to accept late registrations on an "as space available" basis. 
To learn more about our basketball program and how to submit a late registration, go to these pages:

ABC Ball Park is proud to support STL Youth Sports Outreach in its mission to provide sports equipment for children coming from families in need.

The ABC Information and Rainout telephone number is
Please call for up to date field and game status information.

REMINDER: Park and league rules PROHIBIT outside food or beverages from being brought into the park (except water/sports drinks for players).
For the safety of all, pets of any kind are not allowed (no matter how small or how cute) on park grounds.
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